VisScope provides insightful analytics for tourism and the visitor economy. More than a data platform, VisScope merges traditional and new data for your investment journey and to help find your next development opportunity.


Branding, Web Design & Development



The VisScope team came to us to provide fresh branding and a website for their data platform. With no existing brand collateral we needed to come up with a professional and clean look that complimented their development focussed application.

VisScope website inside Mac and iPad.
VisScope Logo concepts.

We provided a contrasting blue and orange primary colour palette with a strong use of blue throughout the website, reversing out in the orange for the CTA buttons and links. 

The logo uses the magnifying glass in place of the “o” as a universal identifier to signify mapping and locations which are key aspects of the application.

The VisScope team needed to show functionality and multiple aspects of the application through the website. To keep the flow easy to follow and navigate we incorporated detailed sliders on the home and data pages to allow users to view more detailed information on areas of interest.

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