Pando Society

Pando Society is a holistic health and wellness centre based in Elwood, Melbourne. With a commitment to holistic health and well-being, the centre focuses on Chiropractic Care, Myotherapy, Yoga, Pilates & Breathwork, Sauna & Ice Bath, and healthy food from an in-house cafe.


Web Design & Development


Pando Society

Pando Society were referred to us by SIXGUN for a design and website build to create an elegant, functional platform that integrates seamlessly with their booking platform partner.

Pando Society Homepage
Pando Society Services

After prototyping the website design in Figma to highlight the core pages for desktop and mobile, we subsequently built the website in Webflow to utilise the CMS filtering capability for services and practitioners. 

Pando Society uses Mindbody for their booking integration, which was customised and styled to embed on key pages to allow clients to book natively or through the downloadable app.

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