SEM Restaurant & Wine Bar

SEM Restaurant & Wine Bar is dedicated to regeneration and responsibility, operating as a zero-waste establishment that collaborates with producers to create seasonal tasting menus through the use of fermentation and preservation techniques.


Web Design & Development


SEM Restaurant & Wine Bar

We engaged with SEM for a complete redesign and construction of their website. As SEM is a highly creative and unique restaurant, it was essential to create a site that mirrored this distinction. With exquisite photography at our disposal, our challenge was to devise inventive and engaging methods to showcase these images across the site, incorporating animation and inventive layouts.

SEM Restaurant Figma File
SEM Restaurant Food Landing PAge

In designing the website in Figma, we chose a darker artboard that contrasted beautifully with the brand's signature orange, thereby accentuating booking options and key links. Given the brand's distinct positioning, we employed large call-out quotes to emphasise some of their critical messages and ideas.

The website's development phase was carried out in Webflow, chosen for its robust CMS features, design versatility, and animation capabilities. We also made use of the GSAP library for distinctive typography animations across the site.

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