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Steve of Dowling Consultancy was referred to us to help establish a new business identity, website and collateral solely focussed on his government grant assistance extension of Dowling Consultancy. The concept was there, Steve just needed the tools to bring it to life in an engaging way that prospects could access over the traditionally bland government sites.

GrantHelper website on iPad.
GrantHelper website on laptop.

Steve’s core business is helping and assisting businesses apply and succeed in their government grant applications. We incorporated an open-palm into the logo and chose a palette consisting of a deep blue and yolk orange for a bold contrast.  The resulting orange on blue paired well to the call to action indicators site-wide and throughout his collateral. 

Steve’s website evolved and grew significantly over the journey as opportunities became apparent. The resulting website included an animated explainer video produced by We Make Online Videos, an informative eBook capturing prospects and a number of grant articles and insights crafted by Steve and George Norris | Copywriter

We’re stoked to be aboard the continuing journey with Steve. His passion and attention to detail is second to none and we look forward to seeing him rise to the premier grant consultant in Australia.

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