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Crux is a community-funded website that delivers action and issues-focussed public interest journalism to the Southern Lakes region.


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Crux Publishing

Crux Publishing founder, Peter Newport came to us looking for help in re-designing some aspects of their website. With the launch of a new “Crux Community Bulletin” section, it was important to showcase this while ensuring it was easily distinguishable from the regular news. Other fresh design aspects included the addition of a ‘Photo of the day’ section and integrating an Ad Manager for the site's shift to commercial advertising.

Crux Publishing Homepage in Mac.
Crux Publishing - Photo of the day
  • Full redesign of the site in Adobe XD, collaborating with Crux and their development team at Mint Design New Zealand
  • New sub-branded “Crux Community Bulletin” to distinguish from the Crux news
  • New “Photo of the Day” page with commercial sponsors to drive community engagement
  • Incorporating Broadsheet ad manager to enable the site to move to commercial advertising 
  • Intuitive navigation between various site sections
  • Maintaining the bones of Crux, giving it a modern refresh to appeal to commercial partners and the loyal Crux reader base.

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