Ability to Travel

Ability to Travel is the exclusive distributor of ATTO in New Zealand. ATTO is the world’s most advanced foldable mobility scooter that folds to the size of a Trolley Suitcase in seconds.


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Ability to Travel

Working alongside designer Chris Sharp, we clearly defined that the main objective of the website was to convert prospects into a demo and ultimately a purchase of an ATTO mobility scooter.

Ability to Travel - Website on mobile and laptop
Ability to Travel - All Devices

The website structure required a logical information flow, providing key information in bite-size pieces as the end-user navigates their way across the site, with the contact form easily accessible on all pages at all times.

Converting prospects as the key driver, we ensured the ‘book a demo’ button is visible on screen at all times, regardless of the user's position on the website. This navigates the prospect down to the contact form which is placed in the footer site-wide. 

The homepage provides a full overview of the ATTO scooter in an optimised user flow, with ‘book a demo’ buttons placed in key locations throughout the page. The end-user has the option to easily access additional pages that provide more detailed specifications and information that would otherwise clutter the homepage.

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